Who we are

The Invader Squadron was formed in February 2009 to restore  the Douglas Invader, registration number N240P, back to flying condition and in the color scheme of the legendary aircraft; flow by Medal of Honor recipient, Captain John S. Walmsley, Jr.

The aircraft is based at Meacham Airport in the hangar of the Vintage Flying Museum and has 75+ members devoted to maintain and keeping the plane in pristine and flying condition. All members are volunteers and many in addition to devoting their time also make additional financial contributions to the project.

Our squadron ideals are:

The rehabilitation and promotion of the A-26 through volunteer supported educational and entertainment events.


The promotion and expansion of the Invader Squadron volunteer force with the implicit goal of supporting the Commemorative Air Force and our A-26 Invader;

The A-26 has come home!

Updated January 29, 2012

At almost the two year anniversary of the Commemorative Air Force's approval for the formation of the Invader Squadron, our A-26 has returned home. With the backdrop of a picture perfect day in north Texas, N240P arrived back to the Vintage Air Museum while being greeted by many excited volunteers from the Invader Squadron.

In the words of our Unit Leader, Col. Paul Lager, "now the work really begins."

We would like to extend our thanks to Nelson Ezell, and all of great people at Ezell Aviation. Through their diligence and expert craftsmanship, N240P is able to retake to the skies to educate and entertain once again.

Please join us in welcoming N240P back home.

Photo courtesy: Col. Brian Goad